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Beta Theta Pi
YOU ARE HERE: FULL WEB DIRECTORY > Fraternities & Sororities > Fraternities > Social > Beta Theta Pi
Beta Theta Pi - Auburn University
Check out a list of officers, view an image of the frat house, enjoy an alumni newsletter, glance over pictures, and get activities updates.
Beta Theta Pi - Ball State University
Delta Iota chapter provides alumni news, displays a schedule of events, and lists its members. Peruse membership info and scholarship policies.
Beta Theta Pi - Baylor University
Read a Delta Psi chapter history, view the alumni database, check out the member list, and find event updates. Includes links to other chapters.
Beta Theta Pi - Binghamton University
Epsilon Psi chapter was started by 23 founding fathers, and was instated in 1993. Find rush info, view photos, and check out event updates.
Beta Theta Pi - Bowling Green University
Peruse a sample newsletter offered by the Delta Delta chapter's alumni association. Also offers event updates, email addresses and photographs.
Beta Theta Pi - Carleton University
Epsilon Upsilon chapter established in 1991 is located in Ontario, Canada. Browse member info, and find out about its philanthropy projects.
Beta Theta Pi - Central Michigan University
Epsilon Gamma chapter was established in 1985, and was featured in an article published in the BTP, in 1995. Read a pledge-program synopsis.
Beta Theta Pi - Colorado State University
Check out the names of the 11 founding fathers of this Epsilon Kappa chapter. Includes pictures, a member listing and contact details for alumni.
Beta Theta Pi - Cornell University
Access alumni and undergraduate details concerning this Beta Delta chapter established in 1879. Browse photographs, and read newsletter articles.
Beta Theta Pi - Eastern Washington University
Epsilon Omega chapter was established in 1993. Enjoy member profiles, enter a chat room, and browse photographs.
Beta Theta Pi - George Washington University
Zeta Nu chapter received full colony status in the summer of 1995. View a list of famous members, enjoy photos, and contact officers via email.
Beta Theta Pi - Georgia Institute of Technology
Since 1917, this Gamma Eta chapter has initiated over 1,700 men of all backgrounds. View a calendar, see photos, and request rush information.
Beta Theta Pi - Hampden-Sydney College
Virginia university is the host for this Zeta chapter founded in 1850. View an image of the Peal-of-Bells plaque, and find a list of brothers.
Beta Theta Pi - Indiana University, Bloomington
Pi chapter was established as the first fraternity on campus, and the first BTP chapter in the Big Ten conference. Find a list of active members.
Beta Theta Pi - International Headquarters
Int'l social fraternity was founded in 1839 at Miami University of Oxford, Ohio. Get news and events updates, and browse the job board.
Beta Theta Pi - Johns Hopkins University
Discover current brother and pledge information, or find out how to rush for the Alpha Chi chapter. Contact alumni via email.
Beta Theta Pi - Kansas State University
Gamma Epsilon originated as Tau Omega Sigma in 1901, and was established as the 100th chapter in 1914. Tour the house, and browse photographs.
Beta Theta Pi - Kettering University
Flint, Michigan, school is the host for this Delta Eta chapter, which was established in 1964. Read news updates, and submit alumni information.
Beta Theta Pi - Lehigh University
Beta Chi chapter located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was established in 1891. Browse photographs from the fraternity house.
Beta Theta Pi - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Beta Upsilon chapter offers a presentation using Flash technology. Enjoy photographs, peruse rush information, and discover a location map.
Beta Theta Pi - Metro New Orleans Alumni Association
Beta Xi chapter in New Orleans, Louisiana, provides alumni information, displays photos from special events, and offers alumni email addresses.
Beta Theta Pi - Middle Tennessee State University
Epsilon Theta chapter is located in the city of Murfreesboro. Enjoy photographs, view a group photo, and subscribe to an email list.
Beta Theta Pi - Northwestern University
Enable JavaScript to check out news, click through a picture slideshow, and gather alumni information for this Rho chapter in Evanston, Illinois.
Beta Theta Pi - Ohio State University
Theta Delta chapter was founded on December 11, 1885. View photos of the brothers, or contact officers via email to request rush information.
Beta Theta Pi - Ohio Wesleyan University
Theta chapter, established in 1853, was the first fraternity at this institution. Read a philanthropy report, and peruse the alumni database.
Beta Theta Pi - Oklahoma State University
Peruse information concerning academics, athletics, brotherhood and social life at this Gamma Lambda chapter. Includes an events schedule.
Beta Theta Pi - San Diego State University
Provides an outline showing important dates in the Epsilon Beta chapter's history. Browse a member list, and check out facts about Beta alumni.
Beta Theta Pi - San Jose State University
Zeta Eta chapter located on this California campus was founded by four students. View photos, download events calendars, and see member profiles.
Beta Theta Pi - Stevens Institute of Technology
Discover fraternity history related to this Sigma chapter, get rush information, view officer photos, and peruse the members' vital statistics.
Beta Theta Pi - Texas Tech University
Delta Mu chapter was chartered in 1970. Find a BADD duty schedule, and look at pictures and a calendar of events.
Beta Theta Pi - Truman State University
Kirksville, Missouri, is the home to this Zeta Xi chapter, which was installed in 1995. Find rush information, see a member list, or view photos.
Beta Theta Pi - University of Alabama
Founded in 1964, this Delta Theta chapter has been dedicating its services to the city of Tuscaloosa. Submit a rush form, and view events photos.
Beta Theta Pi - University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada, is home to this Gamma Omicron chapter established in 1936. Glance over photographs, and check out the member email directory.
Beta Theta Pi - University of California, Santa Barbara
Updates alumni and parents with news concerning this Epsilon Pi chapter. Submit the form to request rush info, and read philanthropy reports.
Beta Theta Pi - University of Florida
Read a Gamma Xi-chapter history, view a list of brothers, scan a message board, get rush details, and subscribe to an alumni newsletter.
Beta Theta Pi - University of Idaho
Check out event updates, photographs and a member list for this Gamma Gamma chapter. Sign and view the guestbook.
Beta Theta Pi - University of Louisville
Delta Pi chapter was established in 1971. Find a member listing, learn about the alumni association, and see award and achievement highlights.
Beta Theta Pi - University of Maine
Beta Eta chapter was established in 1879. Correspond with the brothers by sending email, or check out a photo of the house.
Beta Theta Pi - University of Mississippi
Beta Beta chapter was founded by eight men in 1940. Check out member profiles, and take a look at event schedules and a newsletter.
Beta Theta Pi - University of Missouri, Columbia
Zeta Phi chapter was founded on November 7, 1870. Read the statement of objectives, browse photographs, and find a member directory.
Beta Theta Pi - University of Missouri, Kansas City
Check out rush information concerning this Epsilon Lambda chapter. Look forward to photographs, event updates and a member list.
Beta Theta Pi - University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Read a chapter history, discover rush information, and browse member profiles for Alpha Tau. Includes a newsletter for alumni.
Beta Theta Pi - University of Oregon
Check out member profiles and images, and read a sample newsletter for this Beta Rho chapter. Alumni can add addresses to the email list.
Beta Theta Pi - University of Pennsylvania
Enable JavaScript to access org. news, find a directory of brothers, gather alumni info, and view photos for this Phi chapter chartered in 1880.
Beta Theta Pi - University of South Dakota
Gamma Alpha chapter was established in 1912. Glance over a member list, gather important dates, and read a letter addressing alumni.
Beta Theta Pi - University of Texas, Arlington
Delta Rho chapter established in 1971 provides social calendars and party photographs. Find rush information, read about philanthropy endeavors.
Beta Theta Pi - University of Toronto
Theta Zeta chapter was officially installed at Buffalo in 1906. Check events schedules, view member photographs, and read or submit comments.
Beta Theta Pi - University of Utah
Read a chapter history concerning Gamma Beta, check out news and announcements, find a member list, and get alumni information.
Beta Theta Pi - University of Western Ontario
Delta Alpha chapter located on this London, Canada, university campus was founded in 1952. Link to the Beta Theta Pi homepage.
Beta Theta Pi - University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
Zeta Zeta chapter was founded by nine men, and was granted colony status in 1991. View the rush schedules, peruse photos, and find a member list.
Beta Theta Pi - Vanderbilt University
Beta Lambda chapter fraternity in Tennessee was established in 1884. Find a member list, check out social schedules, and peruse photographs.
Beta Theta Pi - Wabash College
Established in 1864, this Tau chapter was the first fraternity at its Indiana campus. Peruse rush information, and download RealAudio samples.
Beta Theta Pi - Washington University
Alpha Iota chapter at this university located in St. Louis, Missouri, was established in 1860. Provides photographs and rush information.
Beta Theta Pi - West Virginia University
Beta Psi chapter established its foundation in 1900, and has initiated over 1,790 members. Browse photos related to the lore of this fraternity.
Beta Theta Pi - Whitman College
Read chapter news concerning Gamma Zeta, which was established in 1916. Includes philanthropy reports, as well as alumni information.
Beta Theta Pi - Yale University
Ivy League school is home to this Phi Chi chapter. Download news files, and view the list of active members.

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